Italian Water Polo Team Wins Gold

The Italian Swimming Federation’s women’s Water Polo Team won gold at the 2012 European Championship in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

The Italian team coached by Conti beat Greece, outgoing world champion, 13-10 last week at the European Championships held in Eindhoven. It is the fifth European title for the Italian Women’s Water Polo team, after winning in 1995, 1997, 1999 and 2003.

Herbalife is proud to be the Official Nutritional Sponsor of the Italian Women’s Water Polo team and all other national teams of the Federazione Italiana Nuoto (Italian Swimming Federation)

With dozens of Olympic medals, scores of world championship victories, and hundreds of European championship triumphs, the Italian Swimming Federation is truly one of the best swimming programs in the world.

Carolina Kostner Wins 2012 European Figure Skating Championships

Congratulations to Herbalife-sponsored athlete, Carolina Kostner, for winning the gold medal at the 2012 European Championship! In the best form of her life having also won the 2011–2012 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.

Carolina Kostner – Free Program FP LP Ladies – 2012 European Figure Skating Championships – Sheffield January 28.

First place – Gold – The winner 2012


Nicolás Schreier Wins Windsurf World Championship

Peru’s Nicolas Schreier retained his Formula Experience World Championship in Cancun, Mexico. Herbalife sponsored athlete won Schreier won seven of the 12 races and finished ahead by a margin of 14 points over his nearest competitor.

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Crowned 2011 World Champion in Mexico, Nicolas Schreier looks forward to the next World Championships in his homeland, Peru.

Video of Nicolas Schreier

Carolina Kostner Free Program ISU Grand Prix Final

Carolina Kostner of Italy and Patrick Chan of Canada won titles at the ISU Grand Prix Final on Saturday in Quebec City. Carolina Kostner performs her free program at the Grand Prix Final on Saturday in Quebec City. The Grand Prix Final,  features the top six skaters based on points from the season’s Grand Prix circuit.

“A world champion needs to have world-class nutrition. H30 Pro Isotonic Drink keeps me going during intense training and the Formula 1 Bar helps my body recover.”

Herbalife is the official nutrition sponsor of Caroline Kostner.

La Galaxy – MLS Champions 2011

Congratulations to The LA Galaxy, the 2011 MLS Champions.

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La Galaxy – Champions USA
FC Schalke
Valencia CF
Spartak Moscow

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Team Herbalife Wheelbase Rider wins the Lady’s National Hill Climb Championships.

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Team Herbalife Wheelbase cyclist Lynn Hamel (third picture above) wins the Lady’s National Hill Climb Championships. Riding the 4.4m course up Long Hill in Derbyshire it was the culmination of a season long effort for Lynn, who won the event by 20 seconds.

“My preparation for this year’s championship has been very different to other years due to the length and rather shallow gradient of Long Hill. Unlike previous years with short steep climbs where a light bike is essential, this year’s hill was as much about aerodynamics as light equipment.
I practiced the hill three times and each time learning from my mistakes of setting out too hard, using too bigger  a chain ring and trying to push too bigger a gear. My training consisted of ten to fifteen minute efforts on the time trial bike, static and using a turbo trainer. Quite different to previous years training on a steep local hill!

Race day arrived – it was sunny and mild at 17 degrees but with a gusty head wind. I planned to split the race into three five minute sections giving each section a colour. First five minutes blue zone for keeping cool and calm. Second five yellow zone for starting to raise the pace and final five, red zone for go, go, go and hold it to the line!

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