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Ryan Roth Crowned Canadian Road Racing Champion

Ryan Roth wins road nationals! Great ride by the whole Team SpiderTech Powered by C10 squad against some tough WorldTour opposition. Michael Barry 2nd, Marsh Cooper 3rd. Team SpiderTech are fuelled with Herbalife24 Nutrition.

Karl Egloff Sets A New Course Record At Chimborazo Extremo

Remarkable athletes use Herbalife24 and we’re constantly impressed by their achievements. Karl Egloff is an example of exactly how tough you need to be to win time and time again. This month, Karl showed the world exactly what to do when he set a new course record and won the Chimborazo Extreme. He finished 7 mins ahead of his nearest competitor.

Chimborazo is Ecuador’s highest peak and one of the most challenging courses in Latin America. If you get out of breath during your every day training, just think about what it takes to climb nearly 1000m over 65km to a finishing line, which is literally sitting in the clouds, at 4800m.

Look at exactly what the athletes in this race went through to reach the finish line:

Karl Egloff – 24 Hour Athlete -Fulled by Herbalife24 – Nutrition for endurance cycling

Reading FC Win Promotion To The Premier League

April 17th 2012 – Congratulations to Reading Fc on promotion to the Premierhip.  The team has been on fantastic run since January and they have amassed 46 points from a possible 51, losing just once in 17 games. Herbalife have been the teams offical nutrition partner since the 4th Quarter 2011.

Reading Football Club Manager Brian McDermott (2011) says; “Herbalife approached us to get involved in the Beta test for its high-performance sports products range, and I’ve been really impressed with the response we’ve had from the players.

“After this, we jumped at the chance to work with Herbalife on a more permanent basis through this partnership agreement as we believe in the products. The players are all using this range now and swear by it.”

Herbalife UK Country Director, Gavin Aley has been heavily involved in developing the relationship with Reading FC;

“After our work with the LA Galaxy, Herbalife has become known as a company that sponsors football teams, but we don’t partner with just anyone. Any work we do with sponsorship has to fit into the values of the company – reflecting an innovative approach and a passion about healthy lifestyles.

“Reading FC has a first-class training, sports science support network for its players but has always wanted to work with us to help them get exactly the right mix of products”

Reading FC –  24 Hour Athletes – Fuelled by Herbalife 24 Performance Nutrition.

La Galaxy – MLS Champions 2011

Congratulations to The LA Galaxy, the 2011 MLS Champions.

Gain the competitive advantage – Achieve the ultimate in sports nutrition. There will always be someone better, faster, stronger. Be that someone. Join the likes of:

La Galaxy – Champions USA
FC Schalke
Valencia CF
Spartak Moscow

Nutrition 24 – Are you a 24 hour athlete?

Muscle Building Shakes and Vitamins

Neil Anderson winner of the  NI NABBA Firest Timers Bodybuilding Championships 2011.  He uses Herbalife products in training and in competition to lose fat and gain muscle. For the NI NABBA First Timers, he got down to below 3% body fat , with body weight of 14 stone and 12 lbs. His results achieved with the existing muscle building shakes and vitamins, now introducing the Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition range into his programme.

“As a personal trainer for over 15 years I have used many supplements in my years. I have always tried to rely mainly on a healthy diet and was finding I had protein supplements that I would simply not finish. The reason being I was reluctant to substitute good nutrition with empty calories. ‘Empty’ calories in-so-far as lacking micro nutrient support for the macro nutrient content.

I have been perfecting my craft as much as I can in recent times to get into competitive condition and maintain that year around. Herbalife has dramatically helped me in my quest as I initially under went a digestive cleanse in order to optimise nutrient absorption, taking Fibre Bond and Fibre and Herb over the course of the first three weeks. I then took just the Herbs and Fibre in order to maintain non water soluble fibre levels in the diet that are particularly difficult to get into the diet and have continued this since and take Fibre Bond if eating out.

Between meals and after training I take Formula 1 shakes, the carb rich protein mix is perfect for my needs as a post training meal to hike carbohydrate sensitivity in the muscles for a couple of hours, importantly replacing lost glycogen allow muscle developments. I take a smaller amount of Formula 1 prior to training with a good scoop of whey and soy Protein mix, in order to maintain muscle mass as muscles deplete during my subsequent training session. The mix of soy and whey raises the biological values of proteins. Between meals I mix the Formula 1 similarly.

I take the Cell Activator Vitamin B supplement at the minute which has dramatically improved my mood and, seemingly, my protein synthesis as I gained considerable lean muscle mass having started my own training again two weeks ago.

I have always enjoyed healthy eating as my mother is a food scientist and I have been researching the subject for the last 5 years. The supplements in the Herbalife range are ones that I put my trust in and know with the micro nutrient content support my own healthy diet allowing me to train intensely and achieve sustained results”


More details on the muscle building shakes and Vitamins

Leadville Silver Rush 50 MTB Race 2011

More than 1,000 runners and cyclists competed in the Leadville Silver Rush 50 MTB Race and 50 Trail Run July 16-17. The course navigates 50 miles of extreme terrain that starts at an elevation of 10,200 feet and climbs to 12,000 feet four times.

Awesome job by Herbalife24 rider Alexander Hagman on winning the bike race in a time of 3:58:57.

Herbalife24 Prolong is the official on-course drink at Leadville. It has a subtle, easy-to-drink flavor, plus provides all the carbohydrates and
electrolytes your body needs to sustain during a race like Leadville.