How To Get Muscle

Power lifter Sergey Konyushok breaks 12 world records after starting the programme( 1 before). Having trained  since age 14,  Sergey
was a former member of the national power lifting team and a winner of several national tournaments. Since 2003, Sergey has taken part in numerous Strongman program world championships on his path to becoming a famous, mediarecognized athlete in his home country. He even took part in four popular TV projects Patriots’ Games and worked as a host in Fitness with Konyushok. At present, Sergey is a graduate student at the University of Physical Studies and Sports (Kiev), is writing a dissertation and is devoted to nutrition supplements.

2000 Ukrainian Power Lifting Championship – 3rd place
2001 Became a new member of the Nation power lifting team
2005–2007 World Championships – Winner of the Strongman program
2007 Set the world record in log lift discipline
2009 Set four world records in four Strongman disciplines

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